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Thread: Blogging Platforms, Which Is Right for You?

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    Blogging Platforms, Which Is Right for You?

    If you are going to blog, you’ll need to choose a platform. A blogging platform is the software or service provider that has established the blog format you’re using. In the world of blogging there are several well known platforms you can use…

    * Blogger, owned by Google
    * Typepad
    * WordPress

    Other blogging platforms include:

    * Joomla
    * And many website hosts have proprietary blogging functionality.

    How Do You Choose a Blogging Platform?

    * Price – Many blogging platforms cost money. For example, Typepad requires a monthly fee. WordPress however, is free. Price may be a very real decision maker for you.

    * Options – The more popular the platform the more options you have. For example, WordPress has thousands of people developing templates, plug-ins and other functions. If you plan on doing a lot of different things with your blog then you may want to go with a blog platform that offers myriad options.

    * Ease of use – How easy is it to use the interface? Some platforms are intuitive and you don’t have to open a page of your user manual or put the help desk page on your bookmarks. Other platforms feel as if they require a technology degree to work with. Explore the various interfaces and find one that feels comfortable to you.

    * Navigation – Can you create a blog that will offer easy navigation for your visitors? Presumably you’re blogging with the intention of attracting readers. Does the blogging platform support a good reader experience?

    * Features – Does your blog meet all of your needs? Again, the more
    options you have the more likely a blogging platform will meet your needs – from ecommerce to membership sites or information marketing.

    * Customization – Can you easily make your blog look and feel exactly like you want it to without a ton of work, time and money?

    * Reputation – Does the blogging platform have a good support system? Are you able to find or get answers when you need them? If they host your blog is there ever downtime where your blog is inaccessible?

    Before you choose your blogging platform decide:

    * What you want your blog to accomplish
    * What you want your blog to look like
    * Where you want to host your blog
    * How much you expect your blog to grow over the next couple of years.
    * How much time you have to devote to your blog
    * How much you want to spend on your blog

    Once you have the answers to the above questions you can begin to compare your options. Spend time on this decision. Moving your blog to another platform won’t be fun or easy. Choosing right the first time will save you time, energy and money.

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    I never try others, I would prefer blogger and WordPress.

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    Personally, Wordpress FTW!!

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