I am posting on behalf of my father. He is a lorry driver and we have 1 tonne lorry. If anyone needs lorry or lorry driver's service, PLEASE contact my father. we can also find 2 tonne lorry, if you need!

Mr Tan


-You can provide me your contact number for us to call you.

Hope you can speak bahasa Malaysia or chinese as my father is not english-educated, he can understand but can't speak well. You can always PM me or email to tan.bl@hotmail.com

Service available: driving lorry, shifting furniture, carrying goods and etc

Location(base): Kepong/Selayang

He can go almost everywhere for example, subang, puchong, KLIA, bangi, Nilai, PJ, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and more!
-If you need helper, we can find for you.

*Service provided anytime including weekdays and public holidays - same charges

Your help is much needed and appreciated. Thank you.