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Thread: Need ideas!

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    Need ideas!

    Hey my friends and I are gonna build a personal site but we would like to share it if others ... I'm gonna have a like a section bout the web team and a section wif top music picks.... we would like ta published some interesting articles and news....Where should we start? Where to we get the resources... We don't like copying news from famous sites like fresh...CNN...MTV...etc...hope ya guys can help me... by giving me some ideas too...

    thankx mate

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    I can sense that you've already started, my friend. Why? Becoz you already have the rough idea of what you and your team is going to do. Have some brainstorming session(s) with your team, surf a lot, experiment, etc..

    I suggest you read this *nice* article, and go to ALA. Many nice stuff here.

    But make sure that you really want to do it. You can get the resources from the internet and other media but you have to know to to find them at the first place.

    Good Luck
    RICK -

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