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Thread: A very BAD service from VENTRAL at Sunway Pyramid

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    Angry A very BAD service from VENTRAL at Sunway Pyramid

    Today(23-6-2009) evening my girl friend and I have went to Sunway Pyramid to buy a present for my friend. Then we randomly walked into this Ventral (near Asian Avenue) to check out the price of pendrive, because my gf's one has malfunctioned.

    It it the first shop I approached, so I ask what is the price for 2GB pendrive, in a very polite tone. That guy standing at the outside counter there, respond me RM30. Then I walked away with my gf wanted to ask another shop about the price, just to get some more price to ensure we are not buying something not at its value. Then this guy, at my back, NOT whispering, is saying at my back in cantonese, "走啦!唔好卖,好贵!", which in English it means, "Go AWAY! Don't buy! VEry expensive!".

    Hey, someone please tell me, what the heck just happened? Am I wrong asking them about the price and not buying? And there is a chance I will come back and buy it. At that moment, I really gone very mad, I wanted to turn back and find that guy, my gf holding me back and not letting me to do so. So I just walk towards that direction normally, and that guy is not at the counter anymore.

    1. I do not think there is anything wrong about my intention here, as this is the right of a consumer.
    2. If that guy cannot stand over simple question like this, please do no work at there.
    3. Selling hardware is not like selling anything else, as you need to have good service, as it is necessary to explain to the customer about all the high-tech thingy.

    This occasion really spoil my shopping day with gf. It is real occasion and feel free to contact me if you want to verify this. His attitude is really bad and I want to share this BAD experience to everyone. If you all want to buy some hardware and want this kind of service, you all can consider VENTRAL AT SUNWAY PYRAMID.

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    Sounds like you were being punked - are you sure you weren't being recorded for a TV comedy show?

    I bought an 8GB pen USB drive at Tesco yesterday for RM55. Seems to work a treat, even if it has a red LED that could scare away air traffic! Brand is 's.l.i.q'

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