[CENTER]Malbo-RO: Addictive!

Malbo-RO is a server focused on attracting players who loves to PvP, WoE or complete quests!

General Information:
Base Lvl/ Job Lvl: 99/70 (99/99 for Super Novice)
Server Rates: 5000/2500/7000 (Normal card drops at 70%, MvP card drops at 40%)
Refine Rates: Safe until +7
Available NPCs:
PvP Warper
Custom MvP Warper
Gold Room
Mall Warper
Job Changer
Reset Girl(skills and stats)
Universal Rental NPC
All-In-One Blacksmith(Refine,Uncard,Repair)

Malbo-RO provides lots of custom such as custom MvPs and quests to keep you busy other than PvP-ing and WoE. MvPs drops custom loots that can be used for quests or gift box that gives you random rare items!

Server is relatively new and balancing progress in-terms of PvP and WoE is still in process.

Server Time Zone: GMT+8 (West Peninsular Malaysia)

For more details, you can check out the forums!