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Thread: What is the ideal income for employee?, during recession

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    What is the ideal income for employee?, during recession

    During recession, many people may feel scare and afraid to try something, for e.g they scare to do job hunting and scare to take risk and go through probation period even there have some better opportunity for them...

    But, for me, i will try to take this risk and always try and increase my income from time to time...if ur income didnt increase, then it's hard for u to survive since inflation issue happen from time to time..

    So, wat do u think the most suitable income for normal people to survive ? consider about car loan, housing loan, get marriage, feed son and daughter....
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    Most suitable income? It's tough to estimate that. People will want to earn more..but are there any employers willing to give you the amount at this crucial stage?

    Unless you have the brain of Bill Gates...

    Just my 2 cents.

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    haha David... how much you going to spend is depends on how luxury you want your life to be right? But....I have some break down for your "car loan, housing loan, get marriage, feed son and daughter..."

    car load - depends what car you are driving, what is the down payment you want to pay, how many years installment you want to do....
    >> Lets take Myvi as example... now should be 40-50k... take the middle one 45k, down payment 10k, borrow from bank 35k, interest 3.0%, pay 9 years... RM 400+/month.....

    housing loan...same like car loan...hehe...

    get marry - depends how grand you want to make it...I count the average ya... take photos 3-4k, dinner in 4 star hotel..erm...if 1 table is RM 400, you order 20 tables = 8k, honeymoon at HK for 2 = 5k, those addons....probably 25k will enough

    feed son/daughter....this...cannot count because the number is infinity....haha....too hard to predict....

    this doesn't count your daily expenses... eat in expensive restaurant like TGI Friday, Chilis, hotels, etc, watching movies in cinema, etc...

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