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Thread: Streamyx Account Hacked!

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    Streamyx Account Hacked!


    Just for reminder to all new TMnet Streamyx subscriber.
    Beware of your account. It can be hacked!

    As we knew, every new subscriber will get their account username and password.

    This account username is similar to their email account such as myname[at]

    We can find a thousand of email account from google. Just search it.

    and the most important is, the password. New account will come with 'standard' password.

    and the standard password is = tmnet123.

    so, anyone can use your new account with your standard password!

    what make we care about?

    1. losing your time, money and bandwidth also your access to the internet!
    2. this can make everyone get access your mail account too!

    what should we do?
    1. change your standard password:
    a.log in to your account at hxxps:// (please change those 'x' to 't' ) to change password.

    or, if there is error...
    2. contact your ISP....

    i've been tested for if you did not change your standard password yet, make it now or someone will yours!

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    It should be a standard practice for people to change any password for a new service they just got.

    BTW, although the default password may already be widely known, you should not put it in your post above to make it even easier for others who don't know yet or are searching for it to find it. While you are giving advice, you are also making it easier for others to do what you are trying to prevet.

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    yes thanks you're right...i saw your comment as an advice also not a typical thinking from asian people...

    it was not just an advice, maybe should be a warning...
    so, i think this alert just not for the streamyx subscriber only, but to alert streamyx company to change their method..

    by using our handphone to received activation code then changing new password after 1st login may can be use...or whatever method...

    this alert should take as improvement for them (streamyx)...

    maybe a few people can use this opportunity to hacking or whatsoever....they do at their own risk... but as long as the account owner have full access to their account, they can blocked it or call for the password resetting or changing or what everlah...

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    Not only streamyx account need to beware.If your have wireless router,better also set wep or password.My friend use internet services for two years with free,because some people at here area forget set password or WEP at the wireless router.And also some dns trojan or malware able to get your username and password at your router....

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    The thread should be titled How to Hack a New Streamyx Account

    My neighbour across the street never bothers (or wasn't shown how) to enable security on his wireless router. I've never talked to him face to face, but I managed to know his name, NRIC, email address, phone numbers, etc. Scary huh?
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    a lot people just only know how to use Internet, when talk about user name and password, they not even know what it is.

    I have install streamyx for a lot customer, normally we set all the login detail in the modem/router it self.

    so, my customer just know hot to USE, the rest, they don't care.

    I can also steal their account use to
    I blog IT Engineer LIFE at

    DreamNetwork If you don't mind Pirated

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