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Thread: how does rebates effects engine capacities ?

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    how does rebates effects engine capacities ?

    I personally do not stand to gain from any of my annual
    income exceeds the household proposed by me.
    Even i was single now,
    later, how its gonna be..

    I decided to give my proposals as I thoght that instead
    of lashing out at the government for the fuel price hikes
    and ridicule their efforts to less the impact,

    those of us who are capable of making constructive
    suggestions should do now in the hope that our
    government is able to frame a more equitable fuel subsidy plan.

    However, everything is changed
    now cause fuel price is goes up more than 40%
    meanwhile no signal of decrease in duty tax.

    a owner of a car who currently spends RM300
    per month on petrol will be paying RM420 as a result
    of the 40% fuel price hike. However he will only receive
    a subsidy of about RM52.00 per month based on the proposed
    RM625 cash rebate for cars wherein
    his monthly fuel bill will be RM120 highest ??

    This are my final suggestion that proposed rebate of RM625 or
    such other amount deemed fit by the government be given to all persons
    (with annual up to say RM20000 per annum)

    upon the filling of their tax returns wherein those whose income is not
    taxable will get a cash rebate paid to them by Money Order
    and those who have taxable income will get
    a reduction of their income taxes to the amount of RM625 or a cash rebate
    for the difference between the tax payable and the rebate entitlement.

    what I was thinking if Malaysia people to unite from
    stop buying a new vehicle
    for duration at 10-12 months and I believe
    there is an alternative to 'doing something'
    by the government.

    Now let take RM120 X 12 months
    for yearly basis and it is now extra of RM1,440
    but the Government is going to subsidize only RM625.

    RM 1,440.00 - RM625 = RM815, this is the extra amount
    we pay for our DAILY use in a year.

    With this full example, I believe the range of salary in Malaysia
    is between RM 1500 - RM 1700 for non-officer !!!

    Back to the major problem..
    Aren't we facing overprice car ?

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    I read those article from motor trader..
    till now i was not satisfied for what I'm doing..
    have we realize the fact from buying
    an import car abolish the potential
    economy growth..

    have someone know the levy ?
    taxation ?

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