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Thread: Entrepreneur Kedai Komputer

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    Entrepreneur Kedai Komputer

    Gud Evening,

    Aku ada project last semester iaitu entrepreneurship (Business Plan) n aku decide nak buat kedai produk komputer dan perkhidmatan, so sapa2 yang ada pandangan dan cadangan utk share tlg lah yer post kat sini, aku xda idea la nak wat business plan (Introduction) nie, n sapa2 sudi nak terima interview aku korangnyer kedai komputer tlg lah yer reply... really needs help...

    1) Supplier
    2) Worker
    3) Budget
    4) Admin
    5) Marketing
    6) Operation
    7) Financial

    Tlg la ya... dah nak grade nie ahaks, aku dah try search kat tenet tapi kuranglah business plan pasal komputer ni, kalau korang ada sumber2 tentang business plan komputer nie sudi2 lah post kat sini ya,

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    is hard to understand what you write... so far i "catch no ball"
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    sorry i wrote in malay coz rushing.

    Here are all about my project.

    I am a final year college student. I am attending Entrepreneurship course and have final project to be done which is to running a business but it is only on paperwork (doing Business Plan).

    My team decides to running Computer Product and services Business (such as formatting, selling computer spare parts e.g. lowyatt, networking, maintenance teacher laptop provided by government and etc).

    So we need to write the business plan which is includes (Introduction [about business and computer history], Business background, Administrative plan, Marketing Plan, Financial plan and operation Plan)

    So we need some advice, guide and any opinion about this business plan. And more important we need to interview some of company that running this business on how they get the computer supplier like lowyat, etc.

    So if any of you that running this business, it will be my pleasure to interview you. I will send my letter more about this project.
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