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Thread: Seeking clarifications from JPJ - Are custom GT-Wings legal?

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    Seeking clarifications from JPJ - Are custom GT-Wings legal?

    Seeking clarifications from JPJ for questions
    To whom it may concern in JPJ:

    Nowadays, it is common to see cars fitted with variuos shapes and styles of GT-Wings (see photos below). As a road user, I wonder if it is safe to travel behind cars that are fitted with GT-Wings and travelling in high speed on our roads and highways? What's the purpose of installing a GT-Wing on the boot of a non-racing car? Will a Proton Saga becomes a racing car once it is fitted with a GT-Wing? Or is it fitted for illegal racing purposes?

    We (the road users and consumers) would like to know if there is any JPJ rules or guidelines governing the fitting of this kind of accessory on the boot of a car? If this is legally permitted by JPJ we want to know how safe are they to the owners as well as the road users? If it is not permitted, then JPJ should announce it openly and frequently to warn others from fitting the GT-Wings, and enforcement should be carried out as soon as possible or else more motorists would join the trend, and spend/waste money for an accessory that is not value-added and yet could risk the lives of the innocent road users.

    With the fitting of this accessory (GT-Wing) do you think it will enhance the performance of this kind of car?

    This is to enhance the outlook of a car or merely for show-off?

    For beauty? For racing? For balancing? For ego? For safety? Only the owner of this Proton Gen2 can tell ....

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    actually the Gt wing is designed for aerodynamic purposes when travelling at high speed. In high speed, it will provide better air flow in the rear section and yet adding downforce to stabilize the car. There are many type of wings and to give its performance one should choose the type which suitable with the contour of their cars.

    however, 99% of car owner just put the wings for decoration purposes rather than for performance. Its sometimes do look good and too good to attract our friendly officer during road block.

    legal or not, i don't know but the officer sure take extra look on it coz it high chance to spot an illegal modding that open an avenue saman...

    My friend's used to have one on his wira but have taken it out after a few hassle with the officer....

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