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Thread: Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Amusing Park (USA) shut down rides after girl's feet cut off

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    Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Amusing Park (USA) shut down rides after girl's feet cut off

    Ahhh! The feet chopped off by the broken cable.
    Tried the one at Genting before?

    SF Gate: Multimedia (image)

    A teenage girl's legs were severed above the ankle while on the Superman Tower of Power ride at the Six Flags' Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville on Thursday. The thrill ride lifts passengers 177 feet up, then drops 154 feet, reaching a speed of 54 mph, according to the park's Web site. Courier-Journal photo by Albert Ceasar.

    Great America shuts ride after Kentucky accident chops off girl's feet
    Great America shuts ride after Kentucky accident chops off girl's feet
    Robert Selna, Chronicle Staff Writer
    Friday, June 22, 2007

    (06-22) 17:40 PDT SANTA CLARA -- The Great America theme park in Santa Clara shut down its Drop Zone thrill ride today after a teenage girl's feet were sliced off at the ankles on a similar ride at an amusement park in Kentucky.

    Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. shut down the Drop Zone and similar rides at four other theme parks around the nation after the 13-year-old girl was badly injured on the Superman Tower of Power ride at Six Flags Kentucky Freedom in Louisville, Ky.

    The Superman ride is made by the same Swiss company as the Drop Zone and the rides at the other parks, Cedar Fair spokeswoman Stacy Frole said.

    Frole said Cedar Fair was communicating with the manufacturer, Intamin, and was inspecting the company's rides to make sure they were safe.

    "As a precaution, we've closed a similar ride at Great America," Frole said. "We will reopen the ride once we have decided that it's safe."

    Great America engineers as well as state inspectors were examining the ride this afternoon, said Gene Fruge, spokesman for the Santa Clara amusement park.

    The Superman ride lifts passengers 177 feet straight up, then drops them nearly the same distance at speeds reaching 54 mph. Kentucky officials told the Louisville Courier-Journal that a cable had broken free Thursday and sliced off the girl's feet, but they did not know why the cable had failed.

    The girl, whose name was not released, was being treated at a local hospital. CNN reported that workers at the amusement park had recovered her feet, but it was unclear whether they could be reattached.

    Six Flags closed the ride in Kentucky and three similar rides at other parks. The company owns Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, formerly Marine World, but no rides have been closed there. Company spokeswoman Wendy Goldberg said there are none similar to the Superman ride.

    The Drop Zone, Great America's version of the ride, is 224 feet high and drops riders 120 feet. The riders are strapped into four-person cabins.

    The ride became the subject of two wrongful-death lawsuits in 1999 when 12-year-old Joshua Lee Smurphat fell from the ride after slipping out of his harness. His mother and father sued Great America, claiming that the park's negligence and carelessness led to the fatal fall.

    Smurphat's death spurred state legislation that required a comprehensive examination of every amusement park in the state every year. The law also gave the state Department of Industrial Relations the authority to shut down any ride that was determined to be unsafe.

    Amusement park safety watchdogs said deaths or serious injuries such as the one Thursday in Kentucky are rare. The number has declined in recent years, said Kathy Fackler, president of Safer Parks, a nonprofit that works to prevent amusement park ride injuries.

    Fackler said that about 350 amusement park injuries -- defined as requiring more than just first aid -- occur in California annually.

    "Everyone has beefed up safety since the state legislation went into effect because they know that someone is taking a look at what they're doing," Fackler said.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.
    Inside Bay Area - Great America closes ride as precaution
    Great America closes ride as precaution
    Article Last Updated: 06/23/2007 02:32:12 AM PDT

    Great America has temporarily closed its Drop Zone ride, part of a nationwide precaution after a girl's feet were severed on a similar ride in Kentucky.

    On Thursday, the girl's feet were cut at the ankle on the Superman Tower of Power ride, which carries passengers 177 feet up, then drops them at speeds reaching 54 mph, according to The Associated Press.

    It was unclear at what point during the ride she was injured. The Tower of Power at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, the Drop Zone and seven other thrill rides throughout the country were shut down after the accident.

    The ride's manufacturer contacted Great America in Santa Clara on Thursday. The amusement park immediately shut down Drop Zone.

    , which is made by the same company, said communications manager Greg Fruge.

    "We're doing it as a precautionary measure," he said. "We want to make sure everything is OK, and we're going to reinspect."

    The park won't reopen the ride until then. Fruge was unsure how long that would take.

    Visitors at Santa Clara's park on Friday expressed worry, but a few said they'd take their chances on it in the future.

    "It's a little worrisome that can happen to us," said Mike Shaffer, 16, of Livermore, who saw the Drop Zone being tested. "I'll probably ride it again." He was disappointed that it was closed when he arrived, but after hearing what happened, he said he probably would have skipped it Friday anyway.

    His friend Shawn Donohue, 16, of Pleasanton was more certain. "I think it's better safe than sorry. I probably won't ride it again. I'm a very superstitious person. When I heard about it this morning, I had already said that I wasn't going to be riding it."

    Patricia Molina, 35, of San Carlos said she was worried, but would probably ride it again and even allow her children to do so if they wanted.

    "I tell the kids to check their seatbelt and to make sure they hold down tight," Molina said.

    For Michael Neb, it wasn't even an issue. "I'm scared of it," he said.

    Drop Zone, which Great America describes as "one of the tallest and most intense free-fall rides in the world," goes up 129 feet and drops passengers at speeds reaching 62 mph before the magnetic brakes are applied.

    In 1999 a 12-year-old boy fell to his death while riding Drop Zone.

    Cedar Fair, which operates Great America, shut down four other rides at Kings Island near Cincinnati; Canada's Wonderland, in Toronto; Kings Dominion in Doswell, Va.; and Carowinds, in Charlotte, N.C..

    Six Flags shut down similar rides at St. Louis; Gurnee, Ill., and near Washington as a precaution, according to a company spokeswoman.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report. Contact Kim Vo at kvo(at)
    [ 国际新闻 ]
    跳楼机钢缆断裂 少女遭削去双足
    2007-6-23 16:56:05

    ■ 发生意外的美国六旗肯塔基王国跳楼机。
    ■ 断裂的电缆打中13岁少女双脚,强大力道削去脚踝以下部位。

    (肯塔基23日综合电)美国肯塔基州一个游乐场周四发生罕见骇人意外,一架跳楼机载着游人爬升到高空时,钢 缆突然折断,凌空剧烈挥动,猛力击中跳楼机上一名13岁少女,当场切断她双足。

    # 高速下坠钢缆乱挥

    这起恐怖意外于周四下午4时45分左右,发生在肯塔基州的六旗魔术王国乐园。该跳楼机是游乐场最受欢迎 的机动游戏之一,在1995年启用。跳楼机初时会慢慢爬升到53米高空,然后以时速86公里高速下坠,在地 面6米高的位置停下。机器上有安全带扣紧上半身,乘客腿部可活动。

    现场多名游客目击,跳楼机将游人载至最高点后不久,其中一边的钢缆突然折断,在空中劈啪挥动。当时在上面的 威廉斯表示:我们看到钢缆松脱,钢缆随即摆到我座位的右上角。当跳楼机下降时,钢缆再次猛击过来。跟着 ,威廉斯就看到少女被削去两脚,十分恐怖。

    # 震惊过度说不出话

    女儿也搭上这班惊魂列车的崔娃史密斯,亲眼目睹意外过程,她说:跳楼机下坠时,钢缆向左边剧烈挥动,机上 的乘客,纷纷提起双腿,以防被打中。跳楼机最后回到地面,她骇然发现一名少女的腿不见了,她没有哭且不 发一言,可能被吓呆了。

    事发后游乐场关闭跳楼机,那条折断的钢缆仍挂在半空。肯塔基州政府派员到场调查,游乐场不肯评论事件,但发 表声明承认跳楼机失灵。

    # 临玩前换位 女童避一劫

    据美国传媒报道,受伤少女在事前主动与另一女童安贝尔调位,安贝尔则坐在背面的椅子,两人命运就此逆转。取 代安贝尔坐在肇事座位的少女惨被切断双腿,安贝尔则安然无恙。

    安贝尔的父亲威廉斯事后一边大呼好彩,但另一边厢亦为受害少女难过,那女孩坐在那里,双脚已 不见。

    目击意外的斯廷内特说:我最初听到乘客大叫,还以为是因为游戏太惊险,当座椅降落后,才见到钢缆击中多人 ,我听到很多人哭叫起来。

    不少游人都批评园方有隐瞒这宗骇人意外之嫌。17岁的马林斯说,他发现跳楼机停用时,在场职员仅表示机器 故障。他说:他们至少要透露有乘客受伤。


    ■ 发生意外的美国六旗肯塔基王国跳楼机。

    ■ 断裂的电缆打中13岁少女双脚,强大力道削去脚踝以下部位。

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysticmind View Post
    putus kaki?
    bawah kaki - ankle there lo.
    Maybe the seat has to be re-designed to protect the whole legs.

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