Hi to all,

I'm looking for anyone who care to spend some time posting in my forum. Its all about contest for Malaysian so I don't need any specialty for this job. As long as it is a contest and open to Malaysian, I'll pay for every post that is made in the forum.

I cant offer much at this moment but if things went well later on, I'll certainly raise the payment rate for any new post. This is an easy way to earn as you simply google for malaysia contest info and post it in the site to get real cash. You normally enter a contest and why not earning some cash by sharing the info with others? You can also earn repetitive cash by monitoring certain site like Astro, TV3 and etc. When they launch a new contest from time to time you can post it immediately in the forum and get easy money just by copying and paste contest info on the forum. Below is the rate I'm offering at this time of writing.

Get paid for announcing a new contest

1 - International Contest - RM0.10.
2 - Malaysian Contest (Country-Level) - RM0.10.
3 - Malaysian Contest (City-Level) - RM0.05.
4 - Malaysian Contest (Misc & Unknown) - RM0.05.

Get paid for announcing the result & winners of contest

1 - International Contest Result- RM0.10.
2 - Malaysian Contest Result (Country-Level) - RM0.10.
3 - Malaysian Contest Result (City-Level) - RM0.05.
4 - Malaysian Contest Result (Misc & Unknown) - RM0.05.

Don't be afraid about scamming as I'm the mods and you can even check my trading history in lowyat.net (id=awiekupo) and lelong.com.my (id=vanhelsing) if you have certain doubts.

For more info, kindly visit my newly launched web forum http://www.emenang.com


eMenang Admin Team