Looking for freelance web builders/operators in the Kuala Lumpur area who are willing to participate in creating/maintaining a new website and follow up on the traffic it is creating. No URL can be disclosed as of yet.
Estimated project timeframe: At least a few hours daily.
For those interested, please e-mail your details as follows:
Name -
Age -
If studying (programmes) -
If working (profession) -
Location –(must be in the Kuala Lumpur area)
Email -
Messenger (yahoo/skype/msn) for easy contact-
College / university students with good English skills are encouraged to apply for this project.
Starting the end of December 2006 beginning Januari 2007 we will be in the Kuala Lumpur area to start taking interviews.

Only serious reactions and any questions, please mail to: mwaal@wxs.nl.


Martin van der Waal