We are marketing company with acess to various projects, currently looking for talented individuals or teams to collaborate with to deliver and fulfill our projects. We have some projects already in hand and some in bid.

We work with outstanding individuals who have been assigned certain projects. We are looking for more outstanding individuals to collaborate with to delegate upcoming projects. Our engagement can be on freelance basis (as required), project basis (fixed cost) or on monthly payment basis.

In short, we are looking for talented great individuals to grow with!

Skills Set in Search:
- 1. PHP/MYSQL (advanced level), Ajax, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL
- 2. ASP.NET (advanced level), Ajax, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MSSQL
- 3. Graphic Designer for web portal/applications/user interface

General Pre-requisites:
- Great passion for the work you do ( be it ASP.net / PHP related)
- Good Team player, Self-discipined
- Highest level of commitment to deliver/fulfill given projects on time
- Ability to perform under stringent deadline
- Natural flair of ensuring optimised coding
- “I`ll Get It Done” attitude
- Ability to stay focus on
- Creative and intelligent
- Excellent trouble-shooter and good ability in problem solving
- Enthusiastic and passionate to complete projects to the highest standard

- Good understanding of programming and programming principles
- Comprehensive understanding of the programming respective languages (ASP.NET or PHP etc)
- Advanced understanding to manipulate/query/handle database using optimised techniques
- Good understanding of Ajax, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, XHTML
- Good understanding of MVC web architecture/framework
- Ability to read others’ code and debug code
- Well commented coding style
- Good understanding of open source frameworks and applications like Zend Framework, Smarty, Joomla 1.5, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Radicore ( any other ) etc will be an added advantage

- You can deliver the work from your own place (home/office) giving you the freedom to manage your own time – as long as you deliver to us in time!

How to apply?
- Send us an email with your latest resume. Confidentiality is highly assured.
- Share with us your portfolio and why we should consider you. (your competitive edge etc)
- Send a 100 line of your coding sample (if you apply for PHP/ASP.NET/JAVA) or send sample screenshots of your previous work (if you apply for design portion)
- Send email to Destinatus.Fleet@gmail.com