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I'm in the template trading business (bulk purchasing/selling) and currently I have 15 high-end quality flash templates for sale at an exclusive bundle price of USD $65.00 ($4/template)

Please visit templates.isgreat.org to preview all of the templates.

All templates are fully completed (Unlike some templatemonster) and all data (text,images,videos etc.) are dynamically loaded via .xml file which gives you the convenience of updating the website just via notepad.

All files associated with the template such as .fla / .flv / fonts / .as / .mp3 / .html / .psd etc are all included.

If you're a template developer yourself and would like to sell your work in bulk to me, please let me know as well.

Payment via pay pal - If you're interested please email me only (no pm) at laratro.x[at]gmail.com

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Jooel Laratro