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    job : web developer

    Nature of Business: Answering expatriates’ needs

    Allo' Expat is a one stop information and service center for expatriates living in or moving to Malaysia. Allo’ Expat is established in Kuala Lumpur and is a leading company offering expatriate information and services such as providing the expat community Malaysia My Second Home, Spouse Program or driving license transferal.

    “One stop Information centre”.

    In order to ease the expatriate life in Asia & Malaysia, Allo’ Expat is providing the expatriate community with a one stop service and info center that will give the worldwide community a complete set of information, listings and directories should they look for international schools, 5 star hotels, hospitals, the latest restaurants etc.

    No.1 expatriate community online

    As we wish to provide a global network for the expatriate community in Malaysia, Allo' Expat has designed a dedicated on line forum and classified services where the expatriate community can communicate everyday by posting ads, messages, tips, to share and trade their information and their goods to make living in Asia & Malaysia the most enjoyable place for expats.

    Allo' Expat is expanding to the Asian Market. Therefore we are looking for a webmaster to develop our Malaysian and Singaporean websites and help creating other Asian country websites.

    Please do visit our website for further details.

    Your Personality:

    Logical and Extremely Organized
    You are able to manage many projects to success in parallel and are a detailed, structured and logical thinker. You work quickly, but like to draw detailed plans prior to executing.

    If others can do it, you believe you can too. You have extremely high standards for yourself and are always willing and ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goals you set.

    You love learning, technology and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You read a lot and always have tough goals you want to accomplish. Your enjoyment and enthusiasm is easily noticed by others.


    * You know about SEO and the different ways to create traffic in a website.
    * You have a portfolio of aesthetically pleasing sites you have built.
    * You are strong with HTML, DHTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript and have a best practices understanding of user interface design, how to make sites look good and what it takes convert traffic to sales.

    Additional Benefits:

    * A diploma / degree in It or other relevant area, but the right experience will fully compensate for lack of education in this role.
    * Experiences producing professional graphic and site design work for clients using PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash.
    * Proficient in database design, SQL. Familiarity with MySQL would be advantageous.

    Please contact

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    job vacancy


    I have a friend in UK who is interested to work in malaysia. Do you think you can employ him? anyone you know that i deal with this kind of matter.

    he doesnt mind to work as a freelance and has good experience in web designing.

    please contact me if you know how to deal this situation:

    thank you

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