Greeting All,

I am a professional freelance software programmer with a degree in
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from
University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri State, USA.

With over 6++ years of fulltime working experience in programming including over 1++ years of working experience as Analyst Programmer in US.

Now I am providing fulltime freelance software programming services.

No matters you are working professional, studying, doing business, or even just learning programming for fun.
All people are welcome.

The price are negotiable depends on complexity of each individual project.

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All my source codes will include inline comments, I will also provide after sale support for all my projects
including explaination using email and online chat.
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You can contact me via my handphone: 6012-9537993

So don't hesitate to call me or sms me, or email me at: OR

For those who are uncertain about my programming skills, below are list of programming languages and sc riptings which I know, and the list will keep on growing:

Java, C/C++, PHP, PERL, Visual Basic, Pascal, C#, LISP, .NET and etc.

Sc ripting
Javasc ript, VBsc ript, ASP,etc.

JBoss, Tomcat, JSP, Servlet, Applet, J2ME, HTML, DHTML, XML, Object Oriented Programming, JDBC, Oracle database, CGI, PL/SQL, Palm applications development.

For your information, I am a fast learner, I learnt the PHP in 1 week and already done 3 projects immediately afterward )

Thank you.

Office Hour 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. Malaysian Time (GMT +08:00)