I've been working with PHP and MySQL for the past few years.
Projects involved:

Yagooleads is leads management system. It is a web based system for managing and distributing leads.
This system is a great time and money saver for lead companies because it automates many tasks most lead companies
do by hand (such as matching and sending leads) and also automates many of the processes that normally require a
phone call from lead buyers.

Pooloo is an e-commerce marketplace that compares prices of a specific product sold by different vendors.

Auction Site
AuctionSite is a full featured E-Bay type auction system. Development features include: BUY-it- Now function, Main page featured auctions, Bold listings, Highlight listings, Image upload, Payment / Condition / Shipping / Display, Auction item display like EBay, Seller and buyer feedback system, Username "ABOUT ME" page, Sellers can edit their auction item, View seller's other auction items, Confirmation email for new items, Bid and Outbid notice and more.

eCarInspection is a web based application for car inspection companies. Database driven, 5 levels of access, secure login which allows consumers to automate business processes from car inspection companies are just some of the many features.

Ottawa Singles
Ottawa Singles is a singles adventure travel company that provides safe, fun and adventurous local and international vacation tours for single men and women in a group environment.

GreatLandCoach is a web based application for making bus reservations Online.

Schatzgrube.de is a service which allows people to search different accomodations worldwide.

I had developed all the administrative part of the site: products management, generating of invoices, sending invoices in pdf format to customers, import invoices from csv file, import bids, invoices history...

Working as a member of 4-strong team with the project "DVD site". Development of the database, statistics, users management, dvd's on homepage management, affiliate system.

With these fine examples of web development, and many more not listed, I'm sure I can build what you need.

If you are interested contact me alex77@a-teleport.com