Bagi mereka yang ingin pendapatan lebih, masih tercari-cari kerja kosong tu eloklah buat kerja ni.kalau yang dah bekerja masih tidak mencukupi tu eloklah buat part time.Jangan tunggu lama-lama .Bertindak sekarang.Pengalaman tidak perlu, ada training.Jangan kita asyik menunggu kerja makan gaji lepas tu nak duit cepat dan kaya cepat.PERCAYALAH TAK SEMUDAH YANG DI SANGKAKAN !!!! Biar susah dahulu dan bersenang senang kemudian! berminat call saya alimi jangan malu dan jangan segan


SBB Mutual Berhad

SBB Mutual Berhad, a leading Unit Trust Company in Malaysia, is seeking young, dynamic and independent individuals to be trained as Unit Trust Agents / Financial Planners to provide the following services:-

* Financial Analysis & Investment Planning
* Retirement Planning
* Educational Planning
* Corporate Investment
* Wealth Accumulation

Let's face it - for most of us the job rules our lives. Now, why should we be slaves for a couple of hundred ringgit a month? That does not make sense.

Let us help you make a change so you can be your own boss, and determine your own income.

* You don't have to work for other people anymore
* You don't have to work overtime anymore
* You don't have to miss seeing your kids grow up
* You don't have to apologize your friends or family because the pay cheque doesn't go as far as it should
* You don't have to put up with office personnel that should have been fired a long time ago
* You can make more money, work fewer hours and be your own boss

Unit Trust Consultants / Financial Planners
( Klang Valley)


Our professional entrepreneurs make lots of money, work fewer hours and be your own boss using proven system. This is what you are looking for. Well, do you think you can do it?

WE are looking for very special people with the following qualities.....

Age above 25 years
Acheivement oriented preferable with a proven track record of success
Strong desire to succeed, self-motivated, independent and a dynamic person
Friendly and caring attitude towards other people
Willing to follow a proven system
Excellent communication skills
Part time / Full time
Preferably Sales / Marketing background
VSS leavers are highly recommended to apply


Chart your own destiny. The opportunities for personal development and advancement are unlimited. Be your own boss, work independently and build your own agency. No monthly paycheck. Only monthly commission.

Training / Workshops / Seminas will be provided. Interested candidates are required to apply online or call

alimi at 012-2876814