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Thread: Tired of Being Paid Peanuts!

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    Tired of Being Paid Peanuts!

    Anyone wanna hire me? You'd only have to pay me PEANUTZ!!!

    Well, I'm tired of the company that I'm working at. I work all day, work all night and when I get to work the next day, my boss always say that I do not work or have nothing to do or etc... I sometimes really feel like I'm just DIRT, nothing much more than that! Is there anyone else who wants to hire me and treat me that way too... I'm so used to it already! So DEPRESSED!

    Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone is really interested in hiring an all rounder guy? I'm open to anything basically. This is what I know or can do:

    - Server Mangement
    - cPanel, WHM, PLESK, HELM
    - Worked with Windows and their applications all my life
    - Worked with Linux boxes for the past 5 years.
    - Dealt with customer service
    - Was a Sales Manager, thus "I KNOW HOW TO SELL"
    - Willing to learn anything else...

    I'm just tired of my life... I just feel like getting a job as a Janitor! Even they get paid better than me!

    Oh well... enough of my stupid story... So, if you're having a job and would like to look for someone who would be willing to work work and work more, then look no further.

    PM or Email me anytime at (you'll most probably get a response within 24 hours).
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    well.. since you have all the experience there.. why not you start working for yourself instead of working for another company...

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    Having all those experience and knowledge, sailing your own ship will be a great option. I'm sure you will be more successful than your previous company if you willing to put in hard work.

    Good luck~
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