I'm James Chin from selangor. I would like to invite highly motivated peoples or those who wants to earn extra income to join us in this business. I will briefly let you know what this business is all about.

This business is joint venture of Berjaya Group, Alliance Bank, iSynergy and etc. With our partner merchant Petronas, Parkson, Mcdonald and many more. This business is launched somewhere around end of 2003. With these giants going together in this business, I don't think there should be any doubt that this is a scam or something illegal.

The investment to join this business is just about RM200 and above depends on how much you want to earn. You can do it part-time or full-time at your choice. Now I am sure that you must be curious what is this all about.

This business is all about earning USD when peoples using credit/debit card to buy things at anywhere that accept Visa & Mastercard. You earn USD too when peoples use Reward Card at any of our Reward merchants store.

It is very clear that many peoples will carry credit cards instead of cash in the near future. If you want to earn money and enjoy the life you dream of, now is the time!!!

Now this is what you can do.

Contact me via e-mail or phone as below or lose this chance that will make your life completely change.

*** Please state in mind that there is no obligation that you must invest in this business after you meet me.***

James Chin
012-311 8418