I am trying to find the Liaison Officer to be based in Selangor and other state.

The Liaison officer will be responsible for :
-do advertising (PMAcademy will deliver poster sample and to advertising through newspaper,secondary school)

-negotiatie with advertising agency to bargain on price possible,

-prepare the applicant from student on VISA immigrations interview,application filling,matters to help them succend to get VISA to study in UK.(we will provide information here)

-dealing with any enquiry student about PMA courses;

Then, the commision for those who succeed accepted by PMAcademy, they will be given commission of 50 with the induction charges to student on application VISA 20 (This is not include VISA fee charges, student responsible to pay the RM234 VISA fees to British High commision)
Thus, the total will be 70 equivalent to RM470 (1:6.9 currency exchange)

This college provide the IT poject management course from certificate to master degree. Usually, the graduated SPM holders can apply for this, and begin with 3 months e-learning, and later on signing VISA for UK in order to study in UK.
This course is offered 2000 for those student who are come from poor background as the other college and university offered 6xxx for the foundation course.
This course is trained the student and let the student to be a project manager or consultant.

Please forward and deliver the message to anyone who intend to be a Liasons officer and be a part-time job.
Those who intend to be Malaysia liaison officer, we will be advertised the liaison name and conctact details. this is like a part-time agency.
PMAcademy also made latest student from Africa country, like Zimbawe.

Please refer to our web site www.pmacademy.co.uk
Those interested or any enquiry please email to kahkuong17@yahoo.com

This is a good opportunity to attract CHINA student, those who like to going to UK, to study and work as part time, learning british life, communication.