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    Multimedia & Web Designer

    I just graduated from the university and currently looking for a permanent position for this position around KL & Selangor. Here are some of my text resume;

    Possess a Diploma in Computer Science and a BSc (Hons) in Data Communication & Networking.
    Responsible, hardworking and able to deliver projects on deadlines.
    Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    Strong conceptualization & creative skills.
    Keen interest in Multimedia & Web designing.
    Able to develop Web and user interfaces.
    Good knowledge of Graphic, Multimedia, Web Design and development applications such as:
    - Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Streamline)
    - Macromedia (Flash, Director, Dreamweaver, etc)
    - HTML, Java Script, ASP & PHP
    - Web Server Software (PWS, IIS, Apache)

    I am among the first graduate from this major and had an advanced knowledge in LAN, WAN & TCP/IP. I'm also an Internet savvy and had past experience with Web server configuration and Web based application (Thesis: "Developing Web Hosting using Apache Web Server on Windows Platform). I also had successfully develop a Web-based control panel for a Web hosting services within these past two years.

    For those who are currently seeking for a part/full time Multimedia/Web Designer, please feel free to drop by some message at this address;

    or you can contact me at this number;
    - 012-2167070 (Mobile)
    - 03-22829641 (Home)

    or by snail mail at this address;
    - No 3; Lrg 4/112E,
    Blok 15A Rmh Panjang DBKL,
    Bukit Kerinchi C2,
    59200 Kuala Lumpur.

    Meanwhile, for those who wanted to see some of my artwork, here are a few sample of Web design that I had publish over the World Wide Web (Best viewed using IE on 1024*768);

    I'm not a choosy person and wouldn't mind working for a local company as long as it is located around KL and Selangor. This offer is open until 5th of Disember 2002 (I'll be heading to MDC training programme if there's still no offer).


    Noor Azlin Shah Bin Nawawe.
    Web Master, Designer & Developer

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    hi there, wassup ... where from? i'm mas from Serdang Selangor ... currently I'm looking for developer to coop on work out a project ...

    there are 3 of them ... php and html interfaces design ... i got alot of freelance job but no place to do it ... do you have a computer lab/studio? i have a computer but no place to setup for it ... after finish work we will agree to share 50 50 on profit ... tell me if you interested.

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