- Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related Information Technology discipline is required.
- Strong Technical Knowledge, with Hands-on Experiences in New and Legacy Computing Architectures and Environments (E.g. client/server, Web, mobile application).
- Strong Verbal and Written Communications Skills, with an Ability to express Technical Concepts in Business Terms.
- Strong Analytical, Problem-solving, and Conceptual Skills.
- Process Focused Orientation.
- Strong Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills.
- You love to code and proud to be a geek
- You are good in PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL. AJAX is a bonus
- At least 1 year experience of writing poetry in the above programming languages
- Able to customize open source stuff
- Deployed in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
- Have experience in :
- using API
- using Google Apps
- using WAMP or XAMPP
- using CPANEL, PHPMyAdmin
- intalling and managing SSL
- handling Windows Server
- handling linux (fedora or centos) server
- creating a secure web application (SQL injection, XSS)
- You are resourceful and independent
- Excellent problem solving skill

Job scope:

- Handle company's web application (internal system and e-commerce websites)
- Create or enhance the previous system
- Collaborate with designer to complete a project
- Manage databases
- Manage servers (intranet and internet)

- RM 1800 (negotiable depends on your skill)

Please bring your previous projects portfolio.
There will be a closed book test for 30 minutes to test your understanding in
PHP programming world.

Send your resume to :


For more info, please visit LineWind Corporation - Career

Thank you