hi guys,

I am looking for 1 aspiring web designer who is interested to join our team. must be around 17 to 24 years old. malaysian and non-malaysian welcome. deadline to join is 12th June as the team registration is on Saturday.

This could be one cool thing you did in college. Also this is a business where you are part of a team. Unfortunately no compensation. If we fail, you can put it in your resume that you participate in this program. If we win, there will be prize money and jobs for us, and fame and respect of your peers (they will think you are super duper smart). Also if you are a non-malaysian, and our business is profitable, i will sponsor you to stay in malaysia as a director of the company

Anyway call me at 014-3324294 or sms me(if u shy) asap preferably from 12pm onwards. I work in the afternoon so if i miss call i will call back when i get a brake.