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Thread: Job Opportunity in Saudi Arabia

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    Job Opportunity in Saudi Arabia

    My company is looking for potential contract staff/consultant for Saudi Arabi

    Job offered

    Content Production Unit
    a) Creative & Arts Director/Manager
    b) Media & Print Editor
    c) Instructional Designer (3)
    d) Multimedia Programmer (3)
    e) Web Designer
    f) Graphics Designer (3)
    g) 2D/3DDesigner/ Animation Specialist (1)
    i) Videographer / Video Editing Specialist
    j) Sound Engineer / Audio Specialist
    k) DTP Editor
    l) Language Translator / Proofreader
    m) Production Executive
    n) Production Assistant
    o) Typist
    p) Logistics coordinator

    IT Department
    a) IT Support Manager
    b) IT Executive/ Assistant Coordinator
    c) System Analyst
    d) PHP Developer
    e) Java Developer
    f) Database Engineer
    g) Technical support engineer
    h) Systems Engineer
    i) Network Administrator
    j) Network Engineer
    k) Procurement Officer

    At least with > than 2 year experience

    Additional Information :-

    1) Contract Term is 2 year
    2) Housing and Transportation over at Saudi are provided
    3) salary range and other benefits under discussion
    Initial indication is 2X or 3x from salary rate in Malaysia

    Please send your resume to
    or call me at 03-22876414 ext 125.

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    January 2, 2009

    Re: Editor/Writer position

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am currently living in Kerala, South India, having taken some time off to work on a book project of my own; a fictional account of an event in Canadian Native Indian history. My last full-time position was that of Supervising Editor of Research and Development at Korea PolySchool (KPS) in Seoul, South Korea, where I was responsible for an editorial staff of four and a compliment of six to ten writers, depending on the size and scope of the project(s). We produced weekly on-line tests for ESL students, in addition to textbooks, workbooks, and teacher’s guides. We developed manuals and style guides for editors and writers, as well as workshops for Research and Development staff. That contract ended in May of this year.
    Over the past fifteen years, I have worked as a writer, editor and teacher in different capacities. As a Writer Broadcaster for CBC Radio, I researched and wrote current affairs stories for live broadcast. In Kaohsuing, Taiwan, I worked for the city government to develop and conduct seminars for civil servants on a variety of subjects relating to the World Games, which has been awarded to that city for 2009. These included Writing For an American Business Audience, The United Nations, The History and Nature of the World Games, and several other subjects relative to international diplomacy. I performed the first edit of “Breaking the Silence,” a book produced by the Assembly of First Nations of Canada, which documents the plight of Native communities under the Canadian residential school system. These jobs, among others in print and film, have demanded the ability to adapt quickly to new subject matter, writing styles, editorial standards and teaching methodologies.
    I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this position, and look forward to further correspondence.


    Derek W. McColl


    Derek W. McColl
    House XI 613 A, Meckenzie Gardens, Fort Kochi, India
    Tel: 00+91+974-695-0662 (mobile)

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Radio)
    Edmonton AM: Writer Broadcaster. Researched stories for broadcast, pre-interviewed guests, wrote scripts on current affairs issues, wrote and performed radio documentaries on a wide variety of subjects.
    Wild Rose Country: Writer Broadcaster. Wrote scripts for broadcast, conducted on-air interviews and performed on provincial current affairs show.
    CBC Radio ‘I Team’: Investigative journalist. Worked with investigative team to gather information on stories involving illegal activities and government corruption.
    Freelance Writer Broadcaster: Wrote and produced radio documentaries for broadcast on various CBC Radio programs.

    Freelance/Contract Writer and Editor
    The Plant Productions: Script writer of docudrama about violence in Canadian Indian communities.
    Assembly of First Nations: Editor of “Breaking the Silence” an influential study of the Canadian Government Residential School System for Native Canadians. Its publication resulted in a Canadian Royal Commission and millions of dollars in compensation for claimants.
    Alberta Western and Native Newspapers: Writer of articles on Indian culture, politics, arts and news.
    Rural Roots Magazine: Feature writer of environmental and industry issues in Alberta, predominantly in the oil and gas, mining, and logging sectors.
    Western Canada Wilderness Committee: Editor of monthly environmental magazine and in-house writer and editor of all correspondence related to the organization.
    Future Shock Quarterly: Feature editor for University of Victoria literary magazine.

    In Taiwan
    Kaohsuing City Government, Bureau of Human Resources: Wrote and taught various seminars, including: 2009 Kaohsuing World Games, The Nature of Human Rights, World Organizations: The UN, The WTO and The IMF, and Writing for an American Business Audience.

    In Korea
    KoreaPolyschool: Supervisor, R&D Editing Department. Was responsible for all educational documents produced for KoreaPolyschool, including weekly on-line tests, textbooks and workbooks on several ESL-related subjects. Supervised editing department of four. Assisted and mentored writers in the production of educational copy. Produced and conducted workshops on editorial guidelines and procedures, the use and application of AP Stylebook, and appropriate research materials and methods.

    In India
    Independently: (Current). Working through second draft of a novel.

    University of Victoria: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Creative Writing, 1988.

    Deborah Moser, Editor, Alberta Native News, Western Native News, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,

    Judy Piercey, Producer, CBC Television News, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,

    Kristine Kim, Director, R&D, Korea PolySchool, Seoul, South Korea.

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