The economy is looking gloomy now and many people including myself are tightening our purse strings for the months to come. I have been searching online for the past 2 weeks looking for ways to earn some money online. I have gathered some information on ways to earn a few 10 cents a day. Well, this may not be very impressive but when you consolidate them together and play with strategy, you will be able to generate a better return.

My motivation for these earnings are either to finance my purchase from Ebay or to consolidate them into a considerable amount before withdrawing them to my DBS or OCBC account.

I have created a site Zero Capital to share what I have learnt and please do not mistaken that I am asking you to pay a premium to access these money making sites. This is not a affiliate marketing program. It is just clicking of ads, surveys, review sites etc... I will only introduce sites with good feedbacks and available proofs of payment from its members. The site title speaks for itself so I hope that some people may be able to benefit from it. Please remember not to pay for anything when you sign up for any of the program and do read the introduction in each page.

I wish everyone all the best and to look forward to better days ahead.