Hello all,

Computer service and repair is something everyone will use at one time or another. There is often a lot of competition in this business, especially from people who think they can do the job themselves. It's key to advertise so that people will know you exist when they can't get the problem fixed and need your help.

It may seem like it's been overdone, but flyers are cheap and easy and well worth using as a source for advertising. Flyers can be put up on bulletin boards, including those in grocery stores, laundromats and college campuses. Just put the basic information about your company, some prices and how you can help with common problems. Use attention-grabbing phrases such as, "got a virus?" or "computer running slow?" Make tear-offs on the bottom of the flyer that include your name and number. Check back often to see if the flyers have had anyone pull off tabs or if the flyers have been taken down.

Thank you
Duncan Jones