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Thread: What is Cloud Nodes?

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    What is Cloud Nodes?

    What is Cloud Nodes?

    Unlike traditional hosting, our whole infrastructure is cloud-based and self-healing. If any hardware fails, the server will fall out of the cloud and your site will be back online within seconds on new hardware, automatically. Feel the POWER of cloud in your hand:

    High Availability, Self-Healing Hardware
    Enterprise Disk Storage
    Scale With Demand
    Sign Up And Be Online In Minutes
    Cloud Hosting Expertise

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    Cloud Controller (base server) manages every aspect of your cloud, including resources, health monitoring, user management, billing calculations and failover procedures.

    Web interface (Control Panel)
    The Control Panel is an intuitive web-based interface to the Exabytes Cloud Controller. It provides point-and-click control over every aspect of your cloud.
    Layered management capabilities
    Services and resources can be managed at a high level, or in detail for specific virtual machines. This enables virtual machines to be individually switched on and off, resized, redeployed, migrated and much more. You can offer end users access to these functions , or control them yourself.
    High Availability, self-healing & automatic failover
    Exabytes features extremely robust failover mechanisms, with intelligent monitoring of cloud services and nodes, and automatic service restoration in case of failure. If a hypervisor fails, Exabytes will automatically relocate its virtual machines and reroute application data.

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    nice information, thanks for posted with us

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