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Thread: Good WebMaster Tool

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    Good WebMaster Tool

    Hello everyone!
    Today I just found this free host with:

    - 350 MB of Disk Space
    - 100 GB Bandwidth
    - Your own domain hosting
    - cPanel Control panel
    - Website Builder
    - Over 500 website templates ready for download
    - Free POP3 Email Box and Webmail access
    - FTP and Web based File Manager
    - PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.
    - No Ads at all !

    Check it out Here: Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads


    Get Banners

    Forum Finder Tool!

    Promotional Texts

    Traffic Stats

    Traffic Sources

    Signups List

    Payments List

    Account Settings

    Payout Details

    Request Support

    New Way of Affiliate

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    any good hosting offering free service?

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    some web hosting company actually provide free web hosting, some for non profit org, some for student.

    by the way, this thread suppose open at Free Hosting Discussion Forum - Webmaster Malaysia Forum
    I blog IT Engineer LIFE at

    DreamNetwork If you don't mind Pirated

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    But free hosting alway have risk.Their may close at one day and you web data will be lost.

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    We all love money. We all want as much money in our pockets as possible, and want to spend as little as possible on anything! We’re all looking for the deal, and that extra percent off.

    When it comes to web hosting, it’s a great way to significantly reduce start up costs. From a buyers point of view; why pay for something when you can have it free from somewhere else? Sounds good but take heed - the negatives outweigh the positives by far. How can something like this be free, is what one should really be asking themselves. Of course, the host must’ve cut corners, but just how much? How bad could it really be?

    From a logical perspective - this “Free” host must be making some money from somewhere. From where?

    Will they fill your website with advertisements?
    Will they sell your contact information to spammers?
    Will they take your website and run?

    The point is, whatever they’re doing, it’s going to be something you don’t like. More often than not, you’re wasting your time. Eventually, the host will run out of “advertisers” or spammers, and they’ll have to close down.

    Good Luck.

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