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Forum Rules and Guidelines

1) Start new threads in the most relevant forum category. Do not hijack on others thread, especially on the things that non-related to the thread title.

2) Do not post duplicate threads/replies.

3) Anything unrelated with webmaster will be immediately deleted. This includes, multilevel marketing scheme, vending water franchise business, card prepaid business, etc.

4) Self Promotion and affiliate links are allowed, as long as it is related to webmasters and the topic of the discussion. And the poster must make known that his/her affiliate ID is contained in the URL of the affiliate links.

5) Paypal withdrawal offer is only allowed under "Other Related Webmaster Services and Promotion". Posting under other section will be deleted. Webmaster Malaysia Forum holds no responsibility on the credibility of the offeror.

6) No scams, get rich fast scheme, or unrealistic claim of earning offers, e.g: Earn $10000 each month by XXXXXX or, any home typist job posting. This will too, be immediately deleted.

7)Members need a minimum number of 5 posts before able to post URL (link).

8) Anyone found to be breaking the rules and guidelines stated above will be warned. Repeat warnings will result in a permanent ban.

9) The administrator and moderators here will have a final say on things.

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