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Thread: Someone copied my website content...

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    Someone copied my website content...

    What would you do if you found out that the
    website that you built to make money online
    was copied by someone else?

    You can send email to that person but he or
    she might ignore you. You can hire a lawyer
    to pursue this matter but you don't have
    enough money to do that. So, how do you
    go about it?
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    contact the hosting provider. Normally they will close down the website if you can show them the evidence

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    Thanks Alang...

    I'll take this step to close down her account tomorrow.

    I've given the warning three days ago and it seems that she
    just ignored me.

    I'm learning from my own experience here. If anyone faced
    the same problem in the future, you'll at least know what
    to do.

    I've posted a file detailing the steps to tackle this issue
    on my blog at:

    Hope this helps me and all of you...

    I'll let you know the progress so that we all can learn here.


    ps. Who wants to know the 'culprit' website?
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    Hi Zamri,

    Mind to reveal the culprit ? The culprit is brave enough to do such unethical thing....

    Thanks for sharing your blog, I 've just downloaded plagiarizedlesson.pdf. ALthough I may not need it now, it may be useful for me in future should same thing happen to me.

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    Check out while it's still up.

    I'm beginning to contact her webhosting today after the
    second email I sent her last night.

    Guys, be careful with Angela Lim (
    and Budiman Lee. They are from Malaysia (so sad it happens
    to be someone from my own country).

    eclick, I never thought it could happen to me too until someone
    pointed out the website. So, it's good to keep that file in hand.
    Everyone doing online business (like I do) have to know this.

    take care,

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    Search for copies of your page on the Web -

    very good program for checking purposes.
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    Update on my case so that my issue is a lesson for everyone to learn...

    I've checked the details of at

    Today, I've sent an email to her webhosting company. Here's the exact
    email I sent them...


    Subject = Fraudulent Site…

    Hello TuCows Support,

    It has come to my attention that a website that
    you are hosting has completely plagiarized my
    business model, including:

    * Plagiarizing my "entire" sales letter (including
    the exact font sizes and colors of the texts).

    Here's the website in question:

    You will notice that this site has copied
    word by word from my website:

    I have tried contacting the administrator for
    this website, but no one wants to entertain me.

    Here's what's listed near the bottom of

    Lim, Angela (
    28, Jln 20/15
    Petaling Jaya 46300

    I believe this person also put a fake phone number
    as I also live in Malaysia and the listed number
    looks suspicious. I did make a few calls to the
    phone number above and there was actually only
    a flat tone heard.

    I tried emailing the given address listed above,
    and I got no reply.

    A simple search in Google for "MLM Lessons"
    will prove that my website has been around for
    over 2 years.

    You will also noticed by my Alexa rankings,
    that my site is at 482,112. The Big Inspiration
    ranking is at 3,488,491 ( 3 million plus )

    Here's the direct Big Inspiration ranking:

    Here's the "MLM Lessons" ranking:

    If you have any questions regarding the information
    provided herein, do not hesitate to contact me at
    +XXXXXX, you can also call me on my cell phone
    at +6013-XXXXXXX.

    Required Action?

    Since this person has clearly infringed on an
    endless amount of copyrights involved. I would
    suggest that you *immediately* shut down this

    Or you can attempt to contact the administrator,
    and have them provide you an appropriate explanation
    as to why this website is live on the web.

    I trust that you will take this matter seriously
    and do the right thing.

    Thanks in advance.

    Zamri Nanyan
    "MLM Lessons"

    P.S. I will be posting this letter online at
    one of the most popular forums on the web.
    Where I've been talking about this case in
    the last few days.

    I'm sure they will be eager to know how
    Tucows.Com will handle this type of situation.
    You can follow the thread at: Someone copied my website content...
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