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Thread: 2checkout recurring items

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    2checkout recurring items

    Hi guys,

    any one of u know which link should my form link to if i want to let my clients purchase more than one reccurring products ?

    the admin section for recurring products only give us the code for single item purchase not multiple.. please advise.

    p.s: i have asked 2co since last weeks and they do not seem to understand what i want.. all their answers seem irrelevant.. so dissapointed with their service.

    please advise.

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    Recurring items means first of all one item-many times, so I don't know what seems to be the problem. Just link to that form link and once your customer complete the payment, it will charge every month (or whatever time period you specified) automatically.

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    Ronan: reading your text above I was almost blured

    Each recurring item will be charged to your customers every circle (monthly/annually/custom settings). If you want more than 1 recurring billing to the same customer, I think the only way is to ask your customer to fill in the forms more than one time.

    Are you selling goods or services? I don't find any clue you're wanting more than 1 recurring. - Hive Hosting #1 East Malaysia Web Host!

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    yes, 2chekcout's response is extrmely slow.........

    I never try multiple recurring products, what i did is only put multiple products into in recurring item, quite stupid, but easier.
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