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Thread: What is B.U.M Marketing?

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    What is B.U.M Marketing?

    Discover How to Make $100 - $200 or More Each Day with “Bum Marketing”!

    Dear friend,

    If I said I knew how you could make $100 - $200 or more a day while literally sitting on your BUM, would you be interested in learning more?

    If so, please keep reading to discover how you can make BIG money online – even if you have no Internet business experience at all!

    The truth is anyone can make money with Bum Marketing if they are willing to put a little time and effort into it. And it only has to be a little effort, we are not talking about 40 hours each week here. That is why Bum Marketing is such a great concept – you can not work hard, make mistakes and still earn big money!

    That’s right and even if you know nothing about Bum Marketing or Internet marketing, you can still make more money with this technique than many of the “so-called” guru's of marketing make online. This is why I am such a fan of Bum Marketing and why I have gotten my family and friends into Bum Marketing, too

    So What Is Bum Marketing?

    Bum Marketing is also called “article marketing” and here is how it works in three easy steps:

    1. You write an article on a topic that has a lot of potential in a niche market. What you want is that article listed in Google or with other popular search engines.
    2. You wait for a buyer to read your article, and then click on your embedded affiliate link.
    3. When the buyer clicks on your link and buys, you make money!

    And That’s Why Bum Marketing Could Be So Profitable for You!

    But to make money with Bum Marketing, you can’t just hope to jump on the bandwagon and make money on instinct. It just won't work. You need guidance from somebody who has been there and succeeded.

    You need to hear from somebody who knows the ropes and can teach you how to start earning money faster than you ever dreamed it was possible as well as show you how to avoid the costly mistakes others so often make!

    In short, you need to read my new ebook, “Bum Marketing Secrets Revealed”

    Here’s just some of what you will learn from this comprehensive guide:


    How to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in bum marketing in five easy steps – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do when you follow these tips!

    The secret to writing great articles fast – what you read here is sure to surprise you!

    The two secrets everyone has to know before they can succeed as a bum marketer – know these two things and you’ll be making BIG money with bum marketing in no time!

    Where to get FREE insider information on bum marketing – these secrets are sure to send your profits skyrocketing!

    How to find hot niches that will explode your profits – it’s much easier than you think … learn more here!

    How to churn out at least five articles an hour without even breaking a sweat – these tips will put you on the fast track to success!

    How to find the most profitable products – and then fit your articles to those products

    And much, much more, including:

    o How to get your best keywords

    o How to optimize your articles for the search engines

    o The 4 essential ingredients of a great article

    o How long your articles should be

    o How to be the richest bum marketer on the Internet in 6 to 12 months

    o How to succeed in the ClickBank marketplace

    o How to dominate Google and other insider secrets for bum marketing success

    Interest? Contact me at

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    how much did u earn with bum marketing now? share with us your proof of payment mate.

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    Well, BUM marketing really works but I don't see you're practising what you preach when you spam a forum with a copy and paste information.

    Why don't you just use your BUM marketing method and post unique and search engine optimized articles to article directories? lol.

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    I am interested, so how to contact you?

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