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Thread: How to charge shipping cost?

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    How to charge shipping cost?

    Hello guys, I'm starting my own e-commerce site. I'm wondering how do people charge the shipping costs. All the sites I visit just show the product cost. Does the product cost include the shipping cost? I don't see how this can be done because the shipping cost to different places have different prices.

    Or do I pay for the shipping cost myself and consider it as an "acceptable" lost? I appreciate if anybody with experience can help me on this. Thanks.

    Plus, which company do people usually use to do the shipping, e.g. dhl fedex, poslaju?

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    Are you using an ecommerce project like osCommerce, or wrote your own? I maintain some shipping modules for osCommerce for malaysia-local/pos laju, Pos Air Parcel and (not actively maintained) Citylink Express). If you're using osCommerce, you can just unzip the archive on your server and start charging for shipping!

    If you can write PHP, you'd probably be able to convert them to fit your own site pretty quickly:

    Lolyco open source contributions

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    The e-commerce scripts have shipping modules to automatically calculate the shipping fee during checkout.

    You can set formulas for the system to calculate the fees for different zones (locations)

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    it depends on ur package.
    how much it weight, where to post.
    i suggest to use pos express for small package.

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