I found a website called ebcab.com where i able to join as an affiliate and start promoting ClickBank Products. This is not a joke as i have join ebcab.com and start promoting over 10,000 digital products in the digital format.

As a Malaysian, we are unable to Registered an account at clickbank.com Digital Products Retailer: Affiliate Program & Sell Online - ClickBank the world leading Retailer's digital products. I get frustrated why ClickBank doesn't allow our Malaysian to join as an affiliate? When i do a search using google.com, there are alternative way to join ClickBank. But with some "Condition", you have to spend some money to make it work. I am not going to discuss over here as i have to respect the author and not going to reveal it.

Alternatively, you may join ebcab.com as an affiliate and start promoting ClickBank products around the world. This is the best way to make money as you have nothing to pay for it....it's FREE...not a joke...You couldn't find it anyway except ebcab.com. Join it now....

What can ebcab.com give us? ebcab.com is a FREE ClickBank Mall and once you join it, you will get your own Mall with all the features available in the member areas like Searchbox, Custom made ClickBank Ads, Banner, Product Manager etc. You can easily send an invitation to your friends to join under you. One of the best thing is you have

1. Zero start up cost.
2. No explanation to customer.
3. No need to meet customer.
4. Not MLM.
5. No Calling etc.

You really have nothing to lose and you are RISK FREE. When you promote the products, you will get the commission. The commission rate is 50% - 50%. It Assume that no VAT is added.

The calculation as below:

Products Price = $67
Affiliate Commission = 75%
Publisher Profit = $15.24
Affliate Profit = $45.73
Your Earning per sale = $45.73 x 50% = $22.87

Currency Rate = $22.87 x RM 3.50 = RM 80.03 per sale

This is consider very high commission compare to google adsense that i didn't make much money from the site running until today. It is a great time to join as ebcab.com affiliate and start promoting the digital products today.

The system is given to us as FREE. And we didn't pay not even 1 cent to ebcab.com. So, what do you think? As stated, ebcab.com will maintain the system for us and we no need to care about the Web Hosting cost, maintenance cost or whatever cost incurs will be pay by them. Come and Join It Now...