Are you a WordPress user? See the security and performance dangers your WordPress site faces on a daily basis, and how Spyder Spanker ensures optimal performance.

Web bots are commonly known as spyders and crawlers which are scripts written for good and evil. A good spider is one that indexes your site so it appears on search engines, but a bad spyder will look for email addresses on your site and send you SPAM.

Each time a spider accesses your website it hogs the server resources because it's much more intensive than a human user and the spyders can come from anywhere. Optimize performance and prevent spam by controlling these web spyders (no technical expertise required).

Malicious spyders can cripple your WordPress site any given day, but this WordPress Plugin guards your site 24/7. Spyder Spanker not only blocks them but bans them forever (at your discretion). You get absolute control of every single bot that arrives at your website, or you can follow the suggested settings. Options include:

Force Timeout
Force Deindex
Throttle Entry
Reject to Origin

You will know which are the good spiders and which ones are the bad ones by white-listing and black-listing.

A new breed of data-stealing, spam-blasting, bandwidth-hogging bots are being created every day. Don't let your website be vulnerable and sit there accepting any visitor.

This plugin works proactively and is intuitive for any WordPress user to configure. With the Live Bot Traffic feature you can grab hold of spyders by:

Country of Origin
IP Range
Agent Name

And send where they came from, give them an error, or make your site invisible to them. See the profound differences in performance before and after Spyder Spanker.

Almost every blogger uses WordPress due to it's ease of use and flexibility. If you're unsure what CMS platform you have, it's probably WordsPress. Spyder Spanker uses advanced techniques developed by a internet security developer previously hired by Fortune 500 companies.

Performance gains are dependent on security and this guy knows every trick in the book. Have your website running as intended with SPYDER SPANKER NOW!