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Thread: Getting More Google Adwords Exposure Through Sitelinks

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    Getting More Google Adwords Exposure Through Sitelinks

    Google Sitelinks are links that appear below the top ranked result when a user searches for a keyword in the internet. This is implemented to help readers find information inside a particular site more easily.

    Sitelinks only appear when a reader searches for the specific keyword or exact name of a site, and it will appear only once, on the top ranked site result. Sitelinks may appear as shortcuts to a search result, which help users navigate to a website, in a more efficient manner.

    However, you can not have Sitelinks whenever you want it or even want to have these links shown below your search result because you want these displayed. It is up to Google's discretion to have Sitelinks displayed and only websites that are perceived to be authority sites have chances where these Sitelinks are displayed.

    Because of these reasons, for your website to have these links displayed on the bottom portion, you need to get plenty of back links in order to be labeled as an authority site. Having quality contents, implementing great SEO, using strategies that are effective, can be these methods to give you chances of being named as an authority and reputable site.

    If you advertise on Google Adwords and you get Sitelinks you can get benefits to your website, like an increase in site traffic, which can be noticed immediately. The effects you get are results of you getting the exposure in the search results, through the Sitelinks.

    Advertising with Google Adwords on the search network can give you chances of being displayed on the Sitelinks if you are an authority, as perceived by Google. There are rules and terms for ads with Sitelinks and these are:
    - You can get up to 10 links displayed and cues will be included. This is already a wide exposure given through the Sitelinks in Google Adwords.

    - These Sitelinks will appear only on the top ranked site and only once, when a user type on a specific keyword search. Only one Sitelinks will appear per search query although there are times multiple displays of Sitelinks on one search query.

    - Sitelinks are not additional expenses for Google Adwords paid advertisements. It is Google's discretions to include your ads in the Sitelinks and also where to display these.

    - Since it is solely the decision of Google, you can not be assured that your ads will appear in the Sitelinks more frequently. You are not paying for these anyway, so if you get displayed, you are luckier and have chances of getting additional exposure.

    How valuable Adwords Sitelinks are in your ad campaign with Google can be measured by how your ad perform and give you results. With the wide exposure you get through the Sitelinks you can get the traffic, have conversions, and eventually more profit for your business.

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    I'm using adwords a few years before and for me, the advertising campaign is quite useful for new products.

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