Hi all!

I would like to discuss with others about current issue (maybe related to current politics situations )

They all dok cakap2 right now that the youngers now are going to blogs to get their information. The bloggers were blamed for their 'misleading' info to the youth.

My question is, is it really the blogs that the youth are looking for? Not the news portal ke, forum ke..

This question just appear in my mind as I am the reader of Malaysiakini and they had a lot of visitors within this year (beating the Utusan Online and TheStarONline.com.my).

As far as i know, the Malaysiakini is not a blog...

Hope this discussion will get an answer..
Is it me who is wrong, or is it the TV who keep saying word blog,blog,blog all the time...(Do you know the RTM TV1 also got a program call Bloggers? Hehe..go and watch it )