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Thread: Making $100/Day Recurring Income With Online

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    Making $100/Day Recurring Income With Online

    Online coupons are a great way to make a lot of recurring income online. There is always a demand for them as any normal person, when faced on a checkout page with "Enter Coupon" will have a quick search for a coupon giving them a discount.

    There are basically two types of coupons that you can profit from.

    Generic Coupons

    These are coupons that are the same for everyone. For example, Namecheap issue a new coupon every month to give discounts on new domain registrations.

    You may have found such a coupon on a site yourself. So how does the person promoting that coupon profit from it?

    First, they get traffic and traffic is no bad thing, generally speaking. A person may get introduced to a site for the first time, return later and buy something that gives an affiliate commission to the site owner.

    The only way to profit directly from the program for which the coupon applies is to force an affiliate link click at some stage of the process. For example, you can try asking the surfer to "click to activate" the coupon. Whether they believe you or not is another matter.

    Custom Coupons

    Custom coupons are rarer but offer you many more possibilities.

    A custom coupon is where an affiliate program is so flexible that it allows you to create your own coupon codes (subject to availability).

    With one of these coupon codes, you don't need to get any affiliate links clicked. All you need to make sure is that the person uses your code, which they will do if they want the discount.

    Promoting Your Coupons

    There are various ways to promote your coupons. For generic coupons where you need to force a click, you are best sticking to your own site.

    For custom coupons you have many other options. However, you should remember that wherever you go out to promote, you may encounter competition.

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    Good Sharing!!!!
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