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Thread: Cash In Hand Or Bank Transfer + Acknowledgement Receipt

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    Question Cash In Hand Or Bank Transfer + Acknowledgement Receipt


    Im new to freelance, recently I help a new copywriting entrepreneur to develop website, when the money comes into interest, he insist of bank transfer the $$ to me plus requiring me to write the following acknowledgement for him, so that he would not need to get in tax of my share.


    Received Ringgit Malaysia XXXX Only (RMXXXX) being payment for freelance services to create website


    The reason behind:
    He got a job, he subcontract it to me, so he doesnt want my sum of money received for web design being tax to him. SO he is using the acknowledgement receipt to get over tax.

    I was a bit hesitate, I thought it is unnessary. Since, I was new I want to know is this normal norm or im over reacting? And he doesnt want to giv me cash in hand.

    Please advice

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    he just want to record the money paid to u as an expenses in the account so that he could cut taxes on that particular amount. This is normal stuff in biz.

    Just issue him an invoice with your name/biz name and upon payment by cheque/cash/bt just issue him a official receipt will do lar....

    its normal that people are not willing to pay cash without any records stating that the recepient have received the cash amount. Example you buy and pay thing at tesco and didn't take the receipt and suddently the security stop u and say that u steal thing.. then how?? no receipt how to proff??
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