Able Studio是一个品牌与设计公司. 独特的品牌战略,设计和技术,我们用它来塑造每一个接触点 - 无论是在线品牌广告代理,印刷,架子或作为一个服务。我们追求拥有聪明与大胆寻求品牌的区别,清晰度和凝聚 力的公司和组织与我们合作。Able Studio为我们的客户创造机会连接与建立有意义的品牌体验和品牌资产的观众。在Able Studio中,我们发展品牌战略,设计品牌的经验,推动企业,组织和初创企业的品牌互动。我们帮助我们的 客户提供长期,短期甚至只是项目的品牌处理。我们的目标是帮助建立动态的品牌和引人注目的用户体验,优化通 信和转换。

Able Studio is a Branding & Advertising Agency, with an unique hybrid of brand strategy, design and technology, which we use to shape every touch point - whether online, in print, on a shelf or as a service. We partner with smart,bold companies and organizations who seek brand distinction, clarity and cohesion. Able Studio creates opportunities for our clients to connect with their audiences in ways that build meaningful brand experiences and brand equity. At Able Studio we develop brand strategy, design brand experience, and drive brand interaction for businesses, organizations and start-ups. We help to supply our clients through long term, short term or even just by projects handling. Our goal is to help build dynamic brands and compelling user experiences that optimize communication and conversion.

Brand Identity 品牌识别
Naming / Logos / Visual Style / Design / Guidelines / Packaging / Literature / Trademark / Copy writing / Advertising Design / Environment ( Retail / Corporate / Interior )

Brand Advertising 品牌推广
Application / Mobile / Websites / Social Media / Broadcast / Newspaper & Magazine / Printed Media / Events Management

Digital Branding多媒体
Corporate Video / Presentation Slide / Animation / Video & Photography / Illustration & Concept Art

Printed Media & Graphic Design 印刷媒体 & 平面设计

Brochure Poster Business Card Leaflet Booklet Packaging Flyer Member Card Letterhead Voucher Envelope Greeting Card Sticker Paper Bag Menu Layout Folder Catalog Corporate Uniform Lanyard Banner Bunting Signage Car Sticker Wall Sticke r Display Stand Exhibition Display

Everything are related with BRANDING, let us handle it. 一切都与品牌,让我们来处理吧。请联络我们:

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