Module Messaging
- Can sending individual
- Can sending bulk (group)
- Can sending personalize (replace name for same message)
- Message Template

Module Phonebook
- Add / Delete / Update Phone Number
- Add / Delete / Update Phone Group

Module Scheduler
- add / delete / update scheduler
* Send to group by specific time

Module Autoreply
- add / delete / update auto reply message
* user can set keyword keyword and reply to user automaticaly

Module Subscriber
- enabled / disabled campaign (keyword)
- list up subscriber list
- broadcast sms to subscriber for any promosion

Module Poll
- add / delete / update pool
- view statistic
- integrate with portal for pool graph

Module Shout
- received message and forward to email
- integrate with portal act like chat room

Module Integration
- received message and inject to your application - can use ad system registration (not like subscriber module)
- response from application to send reply message

* Using Telekom SMS Gateway, billing to your home phone bill.
** This system also can work both with GSM Model / USB Modem (3g Modem)

*** Need more module just give me call

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